Interview for magazine „Insomnia”

Could you tell our readers what first triggered your interest in art?

I can say that I began drawing when I was about 3 years old. My favorite toys always were coloured pencils. I have drawn a lot! But, I have never continued artistic education at school. So, in the field of traditional and computer graphics, I am self-educated.

For some time, I was quite intensely painting in oils and acrylic (over 100 pictures sold). While doing it, I’ve learned a bit how to work with colour and composition, which, in my opinion, is very helpful while creating graphics. Unfortunately, I don’t have time for traditional painting now. At present, my main tools are Photoshop, tablet and digital camera.

I know it’s hard to explain but, why did start your passion for the illustrations?
In fact, from an early age I had a lot of ideas in my head I need to transfer them to the graphics. My school books were always full of various sketches.
In the 90s I started the adventure with computer graphics which was a big turning point in my work. With the new tools make it easier to me to realize different ideas. Next  I began to create a simple fan arts inspired by, among others, the works of Stephen King. From this began serious job …

Which techniques use in your artworks?
I usually mix 2D/3D graphics together with photo-montage. It’s really hard to describe the exact process of creating such works. The main point is to have an idea. Then, I divide it into elements which will be assembled from photos and which I will redraw. In the first case, I start from taking a picture, and then completing the adequate ones. I try to connect photo-montages with 2D graphics  in such a way, to make it clear for onlookers to distinguish what is a picture and what is added. 

Which are your favorites cover books by Mr King?
I’m never fully satisfied. When I see work after a few days or weeks I would like something in it to correct.
If I had to pick the older it could it would be a „Rose madder”, „The Dark Tower: Song of Susannach”, „The Dark Tower II: The Drawing of the Three”

With the recently:  “Werewolf cycle”,  “Cell”, “Dreamcatcher” and new edition “Rose Madder”

Wich are your favorites cover books from other authors?
In December I was lucky to get my hands on “The Dark Tower” from USA. Beautifull hardcover edition with great illustrations of Michael Whelan. From others I like last cover for “Mr Mercedes” too.
If about Polish illustrations. I like old covers by Jacek Kopalski. Very talented Polish illustrator. His cover were always very imaginative.

 The hardest question. What is your favorite illustration by yourself?
I understand that for a while we can move away from the topic SK. In addition to the graphics inspired by SK realize a lot of others. Mainly S-F or horror. Here are a few of my favorites from previous years

 Have you another favorite writer, more than Stephen King?
Of course 🙂  I like very much thrillers of Jeffery Deaver, biography of Irving Stone. Science-Fiction of Stanislaw Lem, A. B. Strugaccy, Zajdel. I read a lot of book.

Who are your favorite illustrators?
From many years I was fan of Boris Vallejo, Frank Frazetta , Zdzislaw Bekinski,  Siudmak, H. R. Giger., Luis Royo, Hajime Sorayama. These are the artists who for years have shaped my imagination.

You did the illustrations for a lot of a dollar babies DVD covers. Which is your opinion about this short movies?
I think this is great idea, thanks which Stephen King is writer who has the most film adaptations. I had no chance to see whole DB adaptations. But I have seen short parts or trailers and I can say that many of them is make very good and professional.

I was in Paris the last year in the signed event by Mr King and I saw a lot of fans from Poland with a Dr Sleep T-shirt. Then… how the popular is Stephen King in Poland?
O yes. SK In Poland is really very popular. There is strong group of Stephen King’s fans. On the Polish website of SK ( we can find every informations about SK and all news. Site is very often actualized. Every new book of Stephen King in Poland is very big event. In this year I was lucky be part of this. I prepared calendar for “Revival”. It was free gadget for people who bought book directly from publisher house. There is a very active big SK group on FB too. I think fans from Poland are the one from biggest group in the Europe.


You’ve got your own adaptation from a Stephen King short story. It’s called ‚Lament Paranoika’. You did even a calendar full of illustrations about this adaptation (and I can say that  it’s awesome). Have you got other items or merchandising?
During realization of  “Paranoid: a chant” I had gadgets for those who supported my project. Currently, I have some small parts of posters and postcards. Calendar which you mentioned is still available (last items). Everyone can buy on Polish site of SK or by contact with me.

The last one. Could you tell our readers all you can say about your future works?
Year 2014 was full of SK works. I can say that next year will be similar. Will be new SK cover books, new SK calendar. I know topic of new calendar but this is secret yet :).
I’m  thinking about  official adaptation of short story by Stephen King. We will see …
Let’s meet at the end of 2015 year.