about me …

A Silesian since birth and by choice. I have been living and working in Katowice for many years. Every day I follow my passions such as computer graphics and photography. In my designs I usually try to combine these domains, hence you can often find both photomontage and 2D/3D graphics in my works.
Fantasy, horror and post-apocalyptic landscapes are particularly close to my heart, that is why I am happy to design covers for well-known publishing houses, such as Prószyński, Albatros or Videograf. I design posters, calendars and covers for novels from one of my favourite writers – Stephen King. I have also created designs for authors such as O. S. Card or Stefan Darda. My works have been published in Poland and in foreign magazines, and have also been demonstrated during various personal exhibitions.

Stephen King is one of the most important figures that is featured in my works, and that is the reason why I pay particular attention to his books. I am the author of the amateur animation, the 1t in Poland, of the short story „Paranoid: a chant” which was given an award at the 8th Film Festival „Nakręceni” in Bełchatów in 2014. In 2017 I was awarded the 2nd place in Festival of Short Films „Nightmares and dreamscapes of Stephen King” in Russia.

On my account I also have three main prizes for the best cover for horror books by and I am the happy owner of the award by Silesian Fantasy Club „Śląkfa 2015” in the category „Designer of the Year”.